Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post married life recap

We have had so many adventures in a short amount of time! Our wedding day was wonderful, and we spent a couple great days in Asheville, NC for our honeymoon. We then continued on down to Georgia, where we had another reception/open house. After making the drive back to my hometown in Northern Virginia for a couple of days, our real journey began!

We left on a Friday morning and managed to drive all the way to Utah by Sunday night. Thirty hours is NOT a short drive. However, I have an awesome husband, who willingly drove 28 of those 30 hours. :) We spent a couple fun days in Utah, visiting with plenty of friends and family. The next leg of our journey took us to Las Vegas, where we enjoyed four nights at the beautiful Hilton Vacations Club. We got to spend some time with my family for two of those nights and were fortunate enough to be able to go and see The Lion King with them. It was an amazing show! Even Beau, who is not particularly fond of plays, enjoyed himself.

Our car was picked up in Vegas, and is currently in the process of being shipped to Hawaii. We flew out of Vegas on the July 18th, and were incredibly happy to make it back home to beautiful Hawaii. And best of all, we managed to get a studio in TVA, the on-campus married housing units! Our first night was a little rough. All the nearby stores were closed the evening that we moved in, and so we had to manage with only the things we had packed. So we drank out of bowls, slept on towels, and mooched off of other people's toilet paper. But we survived and made a much needed Wal-Mart run the next morning.

We are SOO happy to be back in Hawaii and not living out of suitcases anymore. We are also SOO appreciative of everyone who helped us with our wedding and everyone who took the time to see us on our cross country trip! We have two more days in Hawaii before we head off for our next adventure...