Tuesday, June 25, 2013

letters to ollie: 9 months

My dear Oliver,

9 months and you're officially a world traveler!
Well, not a world traveler, 
but we've definitely been flying and driving all over the place this last month.

We've been in Atlanta, Hilton Head, and DC.
More and all of those in a bit though.

We had your 9 month check-up yesterday, 
and you're healthy as ever!
25 lbs 13 oz and 30 in long.  
It seems you're finally starting to slow down with your weight gain.
You have been moving around a ton lately though.

Now that you're officially crawling, it's hard to get you to stop.
You are an incredibly busy baby.  
And a loud baby.
You have quite the personality.
This about sums you up:

Wild-eyed, vocal, and still utterly adorable.
Okay, so you're actually generally much happier.
I just absolutely love that picture of you.
Perhaps this picture of you on the swing that Grumpa made for you better depicts your personality.

Oh, and see those cute teeth in there?
Yep, you now have four of them!
We gotta figure out how to get you to stop biting.
It was cute when you used to attack us back when you had nothing but gums.
Now? Well, it's kinda just painful.
Those little teeth of yours are sharp, sharp, sharp!

You made your first piece of artwork for Father's Day.
There's a reason I made edible finger paint...

So here was all of our vacation adventures:

Hilton Head with Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie:

Northern VA/DC with Oma, Grumpa, and Uncle:

Oh sweet, sweet baby, you're such a cutie.
Why are you growing up so fast though?
Can't you slow down just a little bit?
This first year is flying by.
You're babbling up a storm.
You just started saying "ba ba" and "ma ma" all the time.
You make lots of other noises too, but those are the most definitive sounds.

Oliver, you're such a handsome little baby.
You've gotten so big.
You're just so absolutely full of life.
I love love love watching you explore the world.
As much as I want you to stay my sweet little baby forever, keep growing my dear.

Love you forever,