Thursday, July 25, 2013

letters to ollie: 10 months

My dear Oliver,

You're 10 months old!
You've hit the double digits already!
Your dad and I are officially calling you our little old man.

You don't have another check-up until September (for your one year check up),
but you're still about 26 lbs and 30+ in long.

This past month alone has been a major developmental month for you.
You're making more and more sounds all the time.
Your favorite noise to make is a growl however.  
 I really need to get it on video.  
It's a mix between a monster sound and a dinosaur growl.  
You seriously growl all the time though.
It's pretty hilarious to listen to.
You've also figured out how to wave at people and clap your hands together.
And you've developed a love for music lately.  
Whenever music comes on, you start swinging your arms up and down, 
and bopping your head and body around to the beat.

You're really starting to enjoy food now.
In fact, whenever we eat, or even take a sip of water, 
you start smacking your lips together, letting us know you want some as well.
By the way, your teeth are coming in at rapid speed! 
You now have 6 teeth, with a 7th almost poking through, and an 8th working it's way up.

You've started looking for things to play with around the house other than your actual toys.
Boxes and containers are your favorite. 
You love pushing around empty diaper boxes, chewing on tupperware, and climbing inside laundry baskets.

All month we've been living down in Atlanta.
Your daddy is doing an internship at a private school, 
and we've been staying on the school campus.
Seeing as you're the only baby on campus, you gets LOTS of attention.
Seriously, I think you're about to be deemed the school baby mascot.
Honestly, probably only like 3 people know my name.
But EVERYONE knows your name.
You of course love all the attention.
You smile and wave and clap your little hands.

Speaking of attention, you're getting plenty spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa (who live just 45 mins away)
and by Oma and Grumpa (who came to visit us for a couple days).
There are some definite advantages to being the first grandchild.  

Little Oliver,
I can't believe we're approaching your first birthday so quickly.
Your dad makes fun of me, but I'm already planning out your party.
I just can't help it though.  I want to soak everything in. 
I know that you're learning and discovering so much about the world.
But I'm also learning and discovering.
I'm finding out what it means to be a mom and figuring out what kind of mom I want to be.
I hope you know how much I love you sweetie.
I just want you to be healthy, and loved.
You make my days so much brighter little man.

Love you forever,