Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Classes Oh Classes!

The day has finally come...Fall Semester has started! While I was anticipated work, I fear that I underestimated the amount. Beau and I will both be busy busy people for the next 3 months. While today was the official first day of classes, Beau started his part time Student Teaching yesterday. He travels to Mililani (a town about 45 mins north of Laie) every Tuesday and Thursday, working as a Student Teacher for High School Spanish 1, Spanish 3, and AP Spanish. He said everything went great yesterday, and that he really likes the school. The most surprising thing? The kids are actually cool! AND, it appears that one of the Spanish teachers is planning on retiring at the end of the school year. Job opening for my husband perhaps?? I hope so! But we will see. We will have plenty of options for next year hopefully.