Sunday, October 31, 2010

Murder Mystery Party

Welcome to the 60's! The local Deputy and Moonbeam, an undercover FBI agent posing as a hippie in the local commune, help solve the murder of Marvin Stank!

There were 15 of us who played and everyone seemed to have such a fun time! There is talk of playing another murder mystery during Thanksgiving break. For all those wanting to play a murder mystery game though, realize that it takes a LOT of work. As my husband, the host will attest, when the instructions say to start planning a month in advance...START PLANNING A MONTH IN ADVANCE. Three days before is not recommended.


Scott Boice said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like fun, can we start calling you moonbeam it seems so you. make sure beau send us the link he used. from mom

hkfarnsworth said... Best Blogger Tips

so fun! glad you enjoyed it!! we should do one over halloween! how fuN!! .. anyways... glad to find your blog! im calling my friend tomorrow for you ok!? :) keep smiling pretty girl! :)