Friday, October 22, 2010

What I'm Grateful for...Day 5

1) It is finally Friday!! Always something to be grateful for.

2) SO happy that the Laie Temple is opening up again after 2 years of renovations. Beau and I attended one of the Open House sessions today. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

It was such a gorgeous day today.

3) My husband's appreciation for the simple things. In thinking about what to write and asking his opinion, he suggested I be thankful for the softness of the bread that we just ate. You see, we love sandwiches, but we used to buy the cheapest bread we could find, because we are trying to save money. Once we realized we were tired of stale-tasting bread and bought a new brand, that was not much more expensive, we have never gone back to the awful tasting brand.

4) My little brother. I can't believe is a Junior in high school! I wish I could be there for his last years of high school. He is a pretty awesome kid.

5) Afternoon naps! I plan on taking a short but wonderful little nap today. Hopefully it actually happens.


~ashlin~ said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Candace. This post made me remember something that I heard Micah's mom use to do when she lived in TVA. They bought a low cost break maker and just made homemade bread all the time because Micah's parents were poor and loved good bread as well. A bread maker is a bit of an investment but you just put everything inside, an let it create a wonderful pillow of goodness to put in your mouth!

Candace Boice said... Best Blogger Tips

I've actually considered getting a bread maker. My mom used to make homemade bread all the time and I LOVED it. As soon as I have a working car and can get out of Laie, I may very well go buy one. I mean really, who doesn't love a wonderful pillow of goodness? :)