Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I went to a PacAIR (Pacific Association for Institutional Research) Conference in Kaneohe. BYU-Hawaii was asked last minute to give a presentation. The head of IR, and the VP of the University introduced and summarized our project, while myself and two other co-workers gave the 40 minute presentation. I admit we talked a little fast, so it was perhaps not quite 40 minutes, but it was a really cool experience. Myself and my two co-workers were the only students in attendance. BYU-H is very unique in the sense that they involve students in their IR program. Most universities only have full time staff employed in IR positions. I really am blessed to go to such a great school that offers such great opportunities.

The conference was way awesome though! It was really cool to make contacts with people from so many different universities and see what sorts of methods they use in their research. I came home and told Beau all about it and how the conference made me become "a bit nerdy." His response was that I had always been nerdy.... At least he tells the truth. :)

With my two lovely co-workers!

The most delicious lunch. Fruit and veggie heaven.