Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yesterday Beau and I got to go sailing with a couple of our friends.
Beau's aunt Melody and uncle Terry were amazingly nice to let us all go out on their boat with them.

Have a look at our day...
Beau got to steer the boat
We got to see the Black Pearl from Pirate's of the Caribbean. It's currently parked at the same docks as Terry and Melody's boat.

We saw a group of about 3 whales jumping out of the water
(Thanks for the whale pictures Melody!)

A couple other fun things that happened that were unfortunately not documented on film...

We saw a pod of dolphins!
We caught a glimpse of a turtle swimming behind our boat!
And we rescued a French couple who were snorkling on vacation and got sucked out pretty far by the strong currents.

Overall? A fabulous day in Hawaii. :)