Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A peek into our lives

When no one is around...
  • We eat luxurious tropical fruits
  • We ride around in limos (okay, just once)
  • We lounge on gorgeous beaches
  • We go sailing and pretend we are on a Ralph Lauren Polo commercial
  • We pretend our life is always as glamorous as limo-riding and sailing, but then realize that the following items better describe our day to day lives...
  • We watch various reality tv shows (they are unfortunately addicting)
  • We have lots of kissing 
  • We dream about our future 
    • Where we're going to live
    • Babies babies babies (Don't worry family, none yet, or for quite some time. Hard not to think about them though when it's freakin' baby mania where we live!
    • Grad school??? Don'even want to think about that one yet!
  • We cook make-shift meals (hmmm, what kind of ingredients are in the cabinet tonight I wonder??)
  • We dance around our tiny apartment (oh wait, that might just be me...)
  • We play xbox and watch How I Met Your Mother
  • Oh, and we kiss some more :)
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