Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Adventure in the woods

This past weekend we went on a beautiful hike with our friends, the Sandberg's.  The Falls were gorgeous, and though none of us jumped in, we relaxed and ate our lunch on a small rock platform at the top.   We met a really nice man from Wyoming.  He even promised to send us free whistles made out of antlers!  Antlers? I think that's right.  Overall a very fun day.  We came back muddy, wet, and slightly scraped up. We got lost on the way home and instead of taking the trail...where is that darn path again??...we trekked on through the creek bed.  Hopefully we will be going on many more hikes here. Hawaii has more beauty than you could imagine.  I LOVE it. 


Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like someone got a haircut! haha. Keep practicing for our Yosemite hike :)