Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guess what.

Guess what I just realized Sunday was. 
Exactly one year since I was given this lovely thing. 
Isn't it gorgeous?
Wanna know he proposed?
Well, here's the story...

It was Saturday night
and he was driving me up to Haliewa to go have dinner.
As we were driving, Beau told me that his roommate had called 
and said there was crazy traffic on the North Shore.
Well, it's the North Shore, so it didn't come as a surprise to me.
He asked if I wanted to stop and watch the sunset at one of the secret beaches off the road.
We parked and walked down the wooded path until it opened up into a wide bay. 
I'm a little accident prone, and so I had been looking down at my feet almost the whole time,
trying not to trip.
It wasn't until we were actually standing right on the beach that I noticed something.
Right in the sand there were a dozen red roses laid out in the shape of a heart.
Right in the middle was a single white rose, 
sitting atop a lovely ring box. 
I was ecstatic
Beau picked up the box, knelt down in the sand,
and asked me to marry him.
It was a beautiful night. 
I can't remember the sunset, 
but I do remember smiling til my cheeks hurt. 
I remember most of our dinner consisting of texting everyone we knew to tell them the good news.
I remember not being able to take my eyes off my beautiful ring,
or my incredibly handsome fiancé.

I love him.