Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wall Decor

Is this not the most beautiful wall you have ever seen?
I've been loving the eclectic look lately and I would LOVE to have a wall like this.
Except for that dragonfly piece on the side wall.
Don't know what it is, I've just never liked dragonflies. Or butterflies for that matter.
Silly me for not thinking flying insects are cute.
But they're colorful you say? Please, they're still flying insects. Gross. 


Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

I just have to say that wow are you gorgeous girl! Stunning! And I loooove all of your wedding photos and colors...both are fabulous. And sperrys...awesomeness!

~k said... Best Blogger Tips

That wall is so colorful! Great inspiration indeed!
G i v e a w a y!

Erin Willett said... Best Blogger Tips

I do love that wall, so cool!

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