Thursday, March 24, 2011

a list of some favorite things

Mel over at Perfect Peace tagged me in this little blog game!

(1) Food: Crabs. I grew up eating these with my family during certain holidays (Labor Day, 4th of July, etc).  Mmm there's nothing like a good ol' fresh, steamed Chesapeake Bay blue crab.  
(2) Color: Green
(3) Animal: Lemurs. They are so cute! And surprisingly really smart!
(4) Sports Team: Washington Nationals (gotta represent the home team!...even when they don't look too 
(5) Dessert: Hmmm...I'm gonna have to go with key lime pie
(6) Artist/Singer/Band: Sugarland
(7) Pair of Shoes: My Rainbows. I seriously live in flip flops

(8) Outfit: Skinny jeans and a cute and comfortable top
(9) Store: Forever 21
(10) Brand: Mek Denim and 7 for all Mankind (I'm not a crazy brand woman, but I admittedly can be a bit 
       of a jean snob)
(11) Perfume: Dream Angels: Heavenly 
(12) Accessory: A simple bangle bracelet and a long necklace
(13) City: Haleiwa, Hawaii. Go look it up. Seriously, you will want to book you a  nice little flight to Hawaii 
        just to visit this adorable little town.

(14) Hobby: Reading, blogging, game-playing with the hubby, and group exercise classes that are straight 
        from the 80s (more details to come on this last one later)
(15) Beauty Product: Mascara and Burts Bees chapstick
(16) Snack: clementines
(17) Holiday: Fourth of July maybe? I just love seeing fireworks
(18) Movie: No way could I choose--too many good ones!
(19) Song: Our Kind of Love, Lady Antebellum
(20) Guilty Pleasure: Desperate Housewives (don't's addicting)

I was gonna tag some other awesome people...but, it seems like this little game has been making the rounds quite nicely, soooo, feel free to play if you haven't already, and if you have...awesome! 

Happy Thursday!
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Jenna said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, wow- Haleiwa is STUNNING!!!

And I love clementines and crab, too. Yum!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I might have to look up Haleiwa for future travel destinations. I would love to go to Hawaii!

Little Beachs said... Best Blogger Tips

I love little things like this. Makes me think I know you a little better from learning fun facts!
As my husband calls it "my blogworld" because I enjoy getting to know people!


Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun post! Clementines are the only kind of oranges I like, how silly am I? haha!!

Pia said... Best Blogger Tips

I used to love watching Desperate Housewives, but for some reason I stopped watching. I really want to get back into it though.

And you got tagged again! Hop on over to my blog and take a look! :)