Tuesday, March 15, 2011

monday with the bachelor

The hubby and I are currently sitting here watching the Bachelor. 
He's being good and working on our taxes while watching (what a multi-tasker he is).
I'm thinking about doing some homework...does that count for anything?

Anyhow, my thoughts...

  • Do both the women know everything about you, Brad? Everything? I think that may have been a bit of an exaggerated statement.
  • Brad, could you be more awkward about Emily's past coming up in your family's conversation?? Emily, way to be real and level-headed. As expected of course.
  • You could never get me into a shark cage. Chantal, you are one brave woman.
  • Chantal says, "It's crazy to think this is mine and Brad's last night together." My husband says, "Yeah, before he dumps you, ho"  We have nothing against Chantal, we have simply been rooting for Emily.
  • Speaking of Emily...umm, can we be best friends, Em? Yeah, that'd be great. 
  • Chantal, I'm sorry, you're the first one to meet Brad...this means you're going home. 
  • Ohh now I feel bad that you're crying. You really are a good person. And, if it counts for anything, you look gorgeous Chantal. Seriously, like Oscar-gorgeous. 
  • Emily, you look gorgeous too. Simply elegant.
  • Aww Brad, you're getting nervous now---just ask her man!
  • Sooo glad Brad and Emily ended up together. Chantal is wonderful, but how can you not love Emily? Just look at her. Pure Southern charm. 
  • Has anyone else noticed that Brad is 38 and Emily is 24.  Nothing wrong with age differences of course, but are you really 38 Brad?  Looking good for almost being 40.
  • And who's the new Bachelorette going to be?? I'm rooting for Ashley H!
  • Oh wait, what is going on with the "after the final rose"--problems in loveland?
  • Sad days, it doesn't look like the two lovebirds are having some problems. Wedding to come still--so they promise.  We'll see I guess.
  • Oh, and no Ashley H...Ashley S. instead.  She will for sure make it an interesting next season.
  • Thank you Brad and all of this season's women for making Monday nights rather entertaining at my house.