Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture Project

Have I ever mentioned that I only have one wall that I can put nails in?  
Every other wall in my house...good ol' cinder blocks.  
Lame, I know. But remember that when I say "house," I mean studio. A very small studio. Very very small.
It's home though.
But, I bought these picture frames from a friend a while back and only just got to putting them up.
I made a collage of 7 frames, but wanted to mix things up a bit, and so I came up with this idea to use pages from an old book as a sort of background for some of the pictures. I cut out pictures of Beau and I and pasted them over top of the book pages.  
Easy peasy. 


Erika said... Best Blogger Tips

So adorable. Thrifty. and creative.

I love it!

~k said... Best Blogger Tips

haha! These are so cute! Great idea.