Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend recap

You know what I love about weekends?
They are the only two days when Beau and I both wake up about the same time.
There's nothing better than sleeping in a bit and waking up next to such a great guy.
We just lay in bed and cuddle up, pretending that we don't have to start the day.
It's such a great feeling.  

This weekend has been full of rain and gloomy skies.
So for the most part we have stayed in, worked on homework, watched Lost, and played games.
Friday night we went to the school's "Culture Night."
This is one of the biggest events of the year here.  Not only do BYUH students attend, but so does the community, and even students from other universities on the island.
Here are two of the videos from culture night.
The Samoan Club and the Mongolian Club.
(disclaimer: I did not take these videos, so if the quality is bad, so sorry)