Tuesday, April 12, 2011

our weekend, part II

Some days I never want to leave Hawaii. 
Beau makes fun of me because I'm known for using the phrase "the real world."
I'll say, "When we move back to the real world, can we do such and so?" 
Because to me, Hawaii is not the real world.  
Instead, Hawaii changes daily for me. 
Some days (typically mid-semester) it is a stressful place.
During breaks from school it is a serene, beautiful place.
But more than anything, it is constant. 
The weather is always nice (even raining days are warm), the wind always blows,
the ocean waves always crash. 
The people always says aloha, mahalo, brah, and shoots.
The plants are always luscious and green.
The surfers always surf.

Seriously, I feel like I live in a magical place sometimes.
And as eager as I am to "get back to the real world," I'm happy to be here for now. 
I'm happy to live in a place where my husband and I can take beautiful walks by the beach.
I'm happy to live in a place that makes both of us happy to call home.
I'm happy to live in a place that has taught me about appreciation. 

And one day, when we are living who knows where with little kiddos running around, 
I want to show them pictures of the place where their momma and daddy started their lives together.
Because I can't think of a more perfect place to start off our little make-shift fairytale. 
I want to tell our kids all about crazy adventures we've had here.
The tsunami warnings we survived. The beaches we went to.
The opportunities school gave us while living here.
The fabulous friends that we hung out with.
And the many dreams that we made daily.  


Windy said... Best Blogger Tips

These pictures are so Hawaii! I love it!!

vanessa said... Best Blogger Tips

what a sweet post! pretty pictures. :)

Kristen said... Best Blogger Tips

Is it your goal to make us all jealous every day?! Haha I'm so happy that you are enjoying where you are in life. Sometimes that feeling can be hard to come by!