Saturday, June 18, 2011

North Carolina, I think you're pretty enough to move to one day

On vacation we spent a week at Topsail, NC with Beau's family.  
There was about 25 of us all packed into two beautiful beach houses.  
We spent the week bumming it at the beach, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and just exploring the beach.
The beach was so different from in Hawaii, but it was absolutely gorgeous.  Hawaii has beautiful water, but the beaches themselves are super narrow.  It was nice to be able to be on such a wide beach.  
We had such a fun week and can't wait to spend another vacation with everyone next summer. 

Yep, that would be a shark washed up on the beach. Cool? Gross? You choose.


Windy said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures honey! I love your writing and your photography.

lauren nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like you had a good time! your pictures are so pretty!

Autumn said... Best Blogger Tips

Your pictures are beautiful! I love the south...seriously!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the pictures of all the creatures and I can't believe a shark washed up on the beach! You would never get that on the north coast of the UK!

The beach looks beautiful :)

Kimberlee said... Best Blogger Tips

The shark washed up on the beach picture = cool. All the pictures are beautiful.

Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

What awesome photos- I've never been to North Carolina yet, but I've always wanted to live there!