Thursday, July 28, 2011

busy busy week

Classes have been in full swing for me over the past week.
While I anticipated my workload picking up, I had no idea how truly busy I would be. 
To sum up how busy I've been, I'll leave you with this list. 
  • The latest I've slept in all week has been 6:00am.  
  • I'm eating a bowl of cereal and a piece of cheese for dinner tonight. It's not even that I don't want to cook, but I literally haven't the time. :(  At least I love cereal. 
  • I haven't been able to go to one class or meeting without fretting in my mind about the other things I need to be working on. 
  • I'm slightly angered that the library doesn't open until 7:00am.  Come on, I know there's other people on campus that would love to have the library open earlier.
Alright, well that list was actually kind of lame, but I really need to get back to homework. 
I'm working with the intention of having a lovely date night with the hubby on Friday.
So excited!
And as for better and more frequent posts...bear with me as I try to juggle everything.  
I actually have some great recipes (I promise it's not cereal) that I want to share with ya'll.
Unfortunately my computer lost the ability to connect to the internet and my pictures are solely stored on that computer.  But as soon as I find the time, I'll transfer some pictures to a flash drive and get them up on the blog using dear husband's computer! 

But for now, I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer vacation.
Boy does vacation sound good about now...


Kimberlee said... Best Blogger Tips

Hang in there girl. And my fingers are crossed that it slows down for you, soon.

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

I am a new follower! I saw your guest post on Meg's blog. I love cereal for dinner! I hope your classes go well this semester! Come check our my blog, I am just getting started with it and need followers!!!!

Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness- Hang in there you busy girl! :) I have a feeling that's going to be me in a few weeks - I start up on the 22nd! Hope you find time to relax too!