Monday, August 13, 2012

A little look at our lives...

So, what have we been up to lately?
Well, quite a bit and not too much all at the same time.
We left Hawaii on June 1st and up until the middle of July we were bouncing around visiting family.
We stayed with hubby's family, my family, and my grandparents.

Before we met up with family, we took a short stop in New Orleans though. 
I was there for about five days, presenting at the National AIR conference for work.
Hubby unfortunately was only able to stay in New Orleans for a day.
He had to fly out early to go to Nashville for a fellowship interview at Vanderbilt.
The good news?  He got the fellowship! Meaning his graduate tuition is being waived.
SUCH a blessing for us.

While being able to visit with family was great, we were eager to have our own space again.
In the middle of  July we moved into an apartment in Nashville.
Hubby starts school at the end of August (next week actually), but we wanted to be settled beforehand.
We wanted time to get comfortable with our house/location and also with my new doctor.
Since I'm well into my 3rd trimester, we didn't want to risk moving too late.  

It's been more than nice having our own place to live again.
I think we've gotten everything unpacked now.  
The nursery is set up too.  Just missing a baby now.
I'll do a separate post all about the nursery later though.

Now that we finally feel like our lives have settled down a bit, I hate to say it, but we're actually getting kinda bored.
We love the area that we're living in, but we're on a tight budget, which doesn't leave much for us to do. 
Plus we still don't really know anyone, so we're just hanging out together these days.
And between the crazy hot/humid weather we had and the now, rainy weather, we haven't really been dying to go outside.
Good thing the Olympics kept us plenty busy the last two weeks.
One more week until hubby starts classes and work though.

Sooo, not too much happening right now.  
Mostly just waiting.
Waiting for hubby to start school/work.
Waiting for baby to make his arrival.
And waiting to see just how crazy our lives are gonna become.

We're really happy though.
Happy to be together. Happy to expand our family soon.
And happy about all the many ways our little family has been blessed lately.
So for now, we're content to have uneventful lives.
Because I have a feeling things are about to change pretty soon.
In a good way of course.