Wednesday, September 12, 2012

39 weeks

Pregnancy/Baby Stats:

How far along: 39 weeks

How big is baby:  Feeling quite big these days! 

Total weight gain: 30 lbs

Stretch marks:  Nope. Thank you lotion and apparently good genetics.  

Best moment of the week:  Celebrating hubby's birthday!  Of course his birthday happened to be on his 13-hr day, so I barely got to see him, but I got to make him a nice dinner and chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake dessert that he tells me was wonderful.  :)

Gender:  Little man.

Movement: Well, it's official. My little man's a break dancer.  I can't believe I have no stretch marks.  Seriously, he's been shoving his foot and booty out FAR lately.  And he's recently discovered my rib cage.  Ouch ouch ouch. 

Have you started to show yet:  Much more than I'd like in fact.  But apparently still measuring pretty small according to the doctor.  

Belly button:  Awkward outie. 

Mood:  Happy and excited for baby's arrival.  Tired and achey from all things pregnancy.

What I miss: Feeling like a human and not a ticking time bomb.  Seriously people, baby will come when he comes.  I promise I won't keep it a secret.  *sigh*  Perhaps pregnancy has made me more moody than I thought.  Just a reminder for everyone though:  my due date is just an ESTIMATE.  Nothing concrete.  I promise he's coming people.  :)

Achy-My body has been hurting a lot more lately.  Not terribly bad, but my whole pelvis and stomach are done with this pregnancy business.  It seriously feels like I'm carrying around a bowling ball on my front.  The whole area is just sore.  Hubby tells me it's gotta weigh more than a bowling ball.  Thanks for that hun.   

Nesting-Is this a real symptom?  I've been doing laundry and cleaning like crazy.  Not to mention there was a day this week that I baked cookies...and muffins...AND whole wheat biscuits.  All in one day.  Just so I could freeze some stuff.  And another day I organized, did laundry, dusted the whole apartment, vacuumed, made freezer pizza crust, and multiple snacks. Ay yi yi I'm running out of things to do in my small apartment.  Honestly, I can only rearrange baby's dresser clothes so many times.  Any experienced mamas have suggestions to keep me busy while I anxiously wait for baby??  

Tired-I'm SOOO restless at nights now.  I get my best sleep from 5am-8:30am. Anything before 5am is mostly just tossing and turning these days.  Oh, and I've upgraded from sleeping with 3 pillows to 4 or 5.  Yep, our queen bed now accommodates hubby, me, and my 4 or 5 pillows. Two pillows behind my head, one between my legs, one behind my back, and one tucked under my belly/between my arms.  It's a miracle we all fit in one bed.        

Sciatic Pain-Still happening.  I've come to terms with the fact that there's not much I can do to avoid it.  I've just been stretching a lot to help relieve it and I change positions as needed.  Can't wait til this symptom in particular goes away.  

Signs of labor:  Had some major cramping/contractions the other day, but nothing really tell-tale since then.  At the doctor yesterday, the midwife said everything is looking good with baby and me.  They'll let me go to 41 weeks before they begin doing NSTs and monitoring me more closely.  And they'll let me go to 42 weeks before inducing me (which I'm praying doesn't happen).  

Looking forward to:  Baby's arrival! And my 40 week appointment next Monday. 


RodRiel said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah! Candace you are so close, girl! :) Ok about the nesting thing; I wanted to do so much of the preparing the cutesy stuff for baby girl but, as you know, not having the space or money living in TVA I resorted to becoming a compulsive cleaner! :) The way I personally coped with those last few weeks was keeping busy. Everyone kept telling me to relax and sleep while I could but the more I sat, the more I saw what needed to be cleaned. That's probably why I ended up working until the day I went into labor, to keep myself distracted! Anyway, I hope you three are doing well! Miss you guys!

Tyson & Jayne Marostica said... Best Blogger Tips

Candace! I am so excited for you! You look so good! I didnt know our due dates were so close together! My original due date was September 18th. How did I not know you were pregnant till so late?
I hope your labor and delivery go super smooth! You guys are going to be such cute parents!

Brian & Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope that they don't wait til you're 42 weeks to induce you!! haha and hopefully baby comes by then. He will come when hes ready though. I know it's tiring and sore but enjoy these last few days of being pregnant and just time together with you and Beau because it will never be the same again. (but being a family of three is pretty awesome). ahhh anyday now. one of the best advice I got before labour was to make sure to push when the doctor says push and to stop when he/she says stop!