Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pregnancy reflections (trimester by trimester)

First Trimester:

Overall thoughts: Finding out we were having a baby was one of the most surreal moments of my and hubby's lives.  Seriously, there was a solid week where hubby and I couldn't look at each other without giving each other that look.  The look of "We're having a baby.  We're going to be parents.  US!  We're having a baby!"  I didn't really want to tell anyone at first, because obviously you never know what can happen.  We ended up telling our immediate family and a couple really close friends.  Other than that, we kept our mouths shut and went about our days as normal.  Well, as normal as possible while feeling sick non-stop.  Thankfully I never got terrible morning sickness.  Unpleasant for certain, but tolerable at least.  

Food aversions:  Umm, food in general?  Seriously though, I  didn't have any particular foods that I couldn't eat, but eating in general was just a little difficult.  It was hard to ever find anything that actually sounded good.  

Food cravings:  Clementines!  I went through SOOO many clementines.  Thank goodness for Costco.  And my less healthy craving?  McDonald's.  Not sure if the appeal was the nuggets and fries or just the fact that I didn't have to cook and have my house smell like food.  Either way, I'm glad this particular craving only lasted for a couple weeks.  

Worst symptoms:  
Nausea--Thankfully I never actually threw up, but the feeling that I could at any moment was definitely not fun.

Exhaustion--I have honestly never felt as exhausted as I did in those first weeks of pregnancy.  I usually don't fall asleep very fast, but boy could I sleep during the first trimester!  I was out just like that every night.  And if I hadn't been busy with school and work (it was my last semester before graduation), I would have been napping non stop too I think.  

Constant need to pee--TMI?  Eh, everything in pregnancy is pretty tmi actually.  But yeah, I seriously had to pee every half hour to an hour for like 12 weeks straight.  Pretty inconvenient when working and going to school.  Actually, I imagine peeing that much is inconvenient regardless of your lifestyle.  Seriously, who has that much time to spend in the bathroom?  

Big events: We found out hubby got accepted to the top grad school in his program only three days after finding out we were expecting a baby.  Let me tell you, that was the craziest week ever.

Best part:  I really didn't have to change much about my day-to-day life.  I could workout the same.  I fit in all my regular clothes.  

Second Trimester:

Overall thoughts:  I hit the cliche and got a lot of my energy back during this trimester.  It was also nice being able to freely talk about being pregnant.  We made our "official announcement" at 12 weeks. I didn't start to show for quite some time (I started getting a distinct "bump"  at around 24 weeks).  It was nice being able to still feel "normal" for most of this trimester as well.  

Food aversions:  I actually don't think I had any aversions.  Food was pretty good during this time.   

Food cravings:  Mostly just food in general.  I remember being hungry all the time during this trimester.  I never left the house without water and several snacks in my bag.  There was one 2-week period where I was craving meat, particularly red meat.  Which is super weird for me, since I don't really eat anything but chicken and seafood.  Ever.  Well, during those 2 weeks I ate a hamburger, beef kabobs, and asian-style pork ribs.  Oh how hubby was in heaven.  He keeps hoping that particular craving will resurface.  

Worst symptoms:  
Headaches--I started getting headaches around 15 weeks and up until just about week 35, I was getting them pretty regularly.  They were definitely at their worst during the heart of the 2nd trimester though. Terrible terrible terrible.  

Big events:  We found out baby's gender (boy). Felt baby kick for the first time. I graduated from BYU-Hawaii. We moved away from our lovely Hawaiian island.

Best part:  I felt great during this time.  I got that "surge of energy" that women sometimes associate with the 2nd trimester.  I was able to workout much better during this trimester, simply because I had more energy.  Loved it!

Third Trimester:

Overall thoughts: This trimester was LONG.  Maybe it's just the fact that it's the "homestretch," but this trimester felt especially long towards the end.  Even now that I'm at 40 weeks, part of me still feels like I may be pregnant forever.  I'm not quite sure what "normal" is supposed to feel like anymore.  It's been fun feeling all of baby's movements this trimester though.  They've become a lot more powerful and distinct.  Hubby loves "playing" with baby's little feet in the evenings when he's at his most active.  

Food aversions:  Tomatoes.  Not that I didn't want to eat them, but they were about the only thing that gave me heartburn.  Fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, tomato name it and I was taking stupid Tums because of it.  There weren't any foods that were repulsive though.    

Food cravings:  Hmm, let's see.  Smoothies, LOTS of smoothies!  Peaches (fresh, frozen, and any other way I could eat them).  Chocolate milk.  I think those are the main ones I've been enjoying.  Mmmm mmm mm.

Worst symptoms:  
Sciatic Pain--This has seriously been terrible!  I didn't know nerve pain could be so...well, painful!  Ugh, I just tried to do yoga and pilates to relieve the pain, but to be honest, I just suffered through it most of the time when it hit.  

Big events: We moved to Nashville.  Hubby started grad school.  We attended a 5-week series birthing class.  

Best part:  Feeling baby's movements all the time.  For all the pains, aches, and down-right awkwardness that comes with pregnancy, I absolutely love feeling baby's kicks and squirms and knowing that he's safe inside me. 

Soo, there you have it.  My pregnancy summed up in a blog post.  Now I'm just looking forward to the adventure of labor and the excitement of having a newborn soon. :)