Tuesday, January 29, 2013

letters to ollie: 4 months old

My dear Oliver,

You're 4 months old already and getting bigger every day.
I think you've lost that "newborn look" finally.
I can't believe how old you look already.
Where has the time gone?

You just had your 4-month check up last week.
You now weigh 21 lbs and are 27.5 inches long.
According to the pediatrician, you're the biggest 4 month old baby she's ever seen.
Yep, be proud my little man.  Be proud of those rolls.

Some of your favorite things these days include
playing with your toys.
Mr. Monkey is one of your favorite right now.
Mr. Monkey goes everywhere with you.

You love love LOVE putting any and everything in your mouth.

Including my face.

You still haven't rolled over yet, but it seems like you're getting closer and closer everyday.
You absolutely love sitting up now.
For the most part you need some assistance, but you're getting better at balancing yourself.

You've finally started realizing that you have feet.
It's so cute to watch you stare at them and try to grab them.

You also love reading books now.
You love all the pictures.
You especially love when I make a fool of myself and sing silly songs to you all day.
You're current favorites are pat-a-cake, wheels on the bus, and Tiny Tim the turtle.

You've been laughing a lot more lately.
I absolutely love listening to your laugh.
I think you might be starting to get ticklish,
because you often laugh the most when I blow on your stomach.

You still love bouncing.
Nothing makes you more happy than being bounced around.
We hold you and swing you and toss you around
and you smile and giggle and laugh and laugh.
Oh how we love your laugh.

You still love being carried around.
In fact, you would be quite content never being put down.
Unfortunately mom and dad's backs can't handle carrying you 24/7.
But I we still strap you to us whenever we go out.
And you love riding around with us.

You're really getting cute kiddo.
Lately when we try and put you to bed, you'll fall asleep and we'll think you'll be out for the night...
But then, surprise!
Those peepers of yours pop open and you get this really big grin on your face,
like nothing in the world would make you happier than to play with us.
And how can we get annoyed when you get that sweet gummy smile and those big big eyes?

I will say that you're going through some crazy phase right now though.
The last two weeks you've been screaming and getting really cranky for no recognizable reason.
I sure hope it ends soon, because you're wearing me and your dad down.
We are two tired parents my dear.

But we're also very lucky and blessed to have you.
It's crazy how much our lives have changed since you came.
And as stressful and tiresome as parenting can be, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Keep on learning and growing sweet baby.
Love you always,

PS-We love when you talk to us.  Even though you mostly talk with your hand shoved in your mouth. :)


Natalie J said... Best Blogger Tips

27.5 inches!! You're going to have a tall kid. Your baby is cute! That picture where he is looking up at you is so sweet! Cute post.

Hope you're having a good week. ~Natalie

Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

what a cutie little boy!