Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I'm Grateful for...Day 3

1) The middle of the week! Thank goodness it is Wednesday already. When did everyone's lives become so chaotic? It seems like everyone always has a million things to do every day. I thought perhaps it was just college, but now I think that's actually just life.

2) I absolutely LOVE when I pass by someone and they look me in the eye and say hello or good morning! This happens so rarely! When did we become so withdrawn that we cannot say a mere hello to a passerby? So thank you perfectly good stranger who said good morning to me earlier today. I really appreciated it.

3) Humor. There are few things better than enjoying life with a good laugh.

4) The ocean. Oh how I wish I could be there today.

This beautiful beach is only a ten minute walk from my house :)

5) Despite my complaints about homework, I really am grateful for my education. BYU-Hawaii is a much better school than people think, and I really believe I'm getting the a great education here. Not to mention Beau and I have been given great opportunities while being here.