Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memory #1

I've decided to write a few posts 
about some of the things I don't want to forget. 
So for the next little while, 
bear with me as I invite you into my past.

Flashback to our dating days!
The first picture we ever took together, 31 Oct. 2009

When Beau and I first met, he was practically engaged and I was a fairly new freshman at Brigham Young-University Hawaii. He has later told me that the moment he met me he wanted to date me. That week he officially ended things with his fiance-to-be.
Lucky for me. :)

Three days later we found ourselves in the same Developmental Psychology class together. I used to doodle during class and scribble lyrics down amongst my notes. Beau used to analyze my scribbles to death, thinking every set of lyrics I wrote was somehow about him (good or bad). Silly boy, didn't he know how much I liked him? After our first psych class together I actually had the nerve to invite myself over to his house to cook him dinner. Not sure how that ended up coming out of my mouth, but it did. My roommate and I both  went over and made pesto pizza for Beau and 3 of his other roommates.

When Beau and I first began hanging out, neither of us were too certain what to make of the relationship. I thought to myself, does he like me? He thought to himself, does she like me? Well, we both liked each other quite a bit, but it took us a couple weeks to figure out each others' feelings. One Friday night in September we decided to have a movie night. Beau thought his roommates had some movies at home we could pick from, but aside from Korean action movies we were only able to find one other movie. It was perhaps one of the strangest movies I've ever seen, but we cracked up at the hilarity of it regardless.

The next week we were at Pounder's Beach, just a couple blocks from the school. Beau decided it was the right time to kiss me. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't thinking the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I liked him, and I wanted to kiss him, but something made me turn away. Twice. Harsh, I know. We joke about it now at least. And we finally did get that kiss. A about a week later, on a different beach.

Pounders Beach

Neither of us had cars when we were dating and I lived on campus, so many of our nights were spent just sitting and talking. Weekend nights that is. We were almost always locked up in the library on week nights. When we first started dating Beau was very much a morning person and I was very much a night person. He lost so much sleep our first semester together, since we stayed in the library so late. I tried not to stay terribly late though, because he always had a ten minute walk home every night, and it frequently would rain (and by frequent, I mean practically every night). I never heard a complaint out of him though. 

There are probably lots more stories of our dating days that I could share, and probably will one day, but for now, this post seems long enough.

The elementary class that we volunteered at our first semester


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I served in New Zealand! I heard Hawaii is beautiful though. Should've went to BYU-H I guess!