Sunday, March 20, 2011

food banks and fresh food

I have been busy busy these past two days!
But, I'm happy to say that my little apartment is now spotless thanks to "white glove."
Every semester the Resident Advisors do a white glove check, where they basically just come and see if your house is clean.  Kinda weird I guess, but in Hawaii if you let your house get even slightly dirty, in come the ants. And the cockroaches.  And the occasional cane spider.  Ew, right? Yeah.

Today I spent the first half of my day participating in a food drive with my some people from my social work class.  I was so impressed with the amount of food we were able to collect. We just went door to door around the dorms on campus and around the married-student apartments and a few off campus houses.  
People were so incredibly generous though.  We overfilled a truck bed and completely filled the back seats in the truck with bags and bags of food.  I wish we could have weighed it somehow to see how much food we actually collected, but it was definitely substantial.  Everyone that we talked to was just so kind--I'm so glad I was able to participate in this.  I really need to do more service, it's such a fulfilling thing.

On Saturday mornings, Beau usually goes out and works on the farm.  
Our church has a farm right by the married-student housing where students can get their own plots if they want.  Because we're so busy usually, we haven't gotten a plot yet, but Beau likes to go and help out will the collective area of the farm.  He wasn't able to go this morning, but because he goes almost every Saturday, they brought us a bagful of fresh-from-the-ground sweet potatoes.  I took the pictures before they were washed, so they were still pretty covered in dirt. 
But seriously, we now have so many sweet potatoes.  

We have small ones...

and large ones...

We can't wait to make some sweet potato fries. Yumm.
I love fresh food.  When we leave Hawaii and have us a nice little home, I'm definitely going to
 start gardening.  
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vanessa said... Best Blogger Tips

how cool is that?! i love freshly picked produce! :)

Windy said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum! I planted some cool crops yesterday. Spring onions, broccoli, and spinach along with 3 blueberry bushes. Can't wait to plant the tomatoes!

Natalie said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't imagine having the possiblity of cockroaches and spiders coming in my house. Does it ever make you really nervous?

That's awesome you have so many sweet potatoes!! I cannot wait to start gardening with my boyfriend. :) Happy first day of Spring!