Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami craziness

If you haven't already heard on the news, the world is falling apart again.
Well, not really, but some scary stuff is definitely going on.
The earthquake and tsunami in Japan was crazy. If you haven't heard about it, read it here
Now, the question is whether or not a Tsunami is going to hit Hawaii. Where I live. 
Wellll, about an hour ago they updated it from a tsunami watch to a tsunami warning.
Last year, on February 27, 2010 there was a tsunami warning after the earthquake in Chile.  
Other than some minor receding waters, nothing actually happened.
BUT, that of course does not mean that nothing will happen this time. 

The news is making it sound pretty serious, which is really scary. I've been packing food and medicine and toiletries and the such, just in case we need to evacuate.  
Usually I love living so close to the beach, I'm literally a 10 minute walk.
But in this case, I'm not to happy about it.  
Last year when this happened, I was freaking out. Like I had a major freak out.
I'm being much more level headed this time around though.
Whether or not something happens, I'm sure we'll be fine. 
I'm more worried about our home than anything else. We live on the bottom floor and if a surge of water is coming, my little studio is going to become a swimming pool...or an aquarium, depending on how much water we get. Luckily we have friends that live on the 2nd floor, which is supposed to be safe.

I hope the people in Northern Japan are recovering from the disasters. Pray for them.  
And pray that Hawaii and the Wake Islands won't take too hard of a hit. 
They're saying the wave surge would be about 6 feet probably.  
Keep us and everyone else being affected in your prayers!


Yours Truly said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay I love your blog!
And I hope you are okay in HI!
My parents JUST got back.