Thursday, March 10, 2011

and the cup goes to....

Have I ever mentioned that the husband and I are a wee bit competitive?
Did I just say "wee" Disregard my word choice please. 
Anyhow, yes, it's true, we like to have a little competition as much as the next person. 
As a gift, we were sent these two beauties

Well, it's clearly become a bit of a battle in our house as to who gets to be "Thing 1" and "Thing 2."
Because we all know that Thing 1 is the best. Hands down. 
So, to settle this debate, we fight for possession of the Thing 1 cup every week.
No, not an actual fight silly.  Instead, we have play-offs. 
Our two most common play-off games include Uno and Scrabble. 
And if we owned Monopoly Deal, that would easily become our most commonly played game.
I feel like once you get married you instantly become that "old couple" who thinks it's fun to sit at home and play cards.  Come on people, cards are fun though! At least we think so.

Sad for me, Beau bet me out this week. Next week I will be triumphant though!
I wanna get creative in our competitions for the cup.  Any suggestions? 


Candice said... Best Blogger Tips

Another Candace! Well spelled different but thats okay! :) Thanks for following my blog, your blog is adorable and congrats on your marriage.

Wil wants a bulldog SO bad and he brings it up all the time! He even wants to name is Biggie Smalls..sheesh, men! :)

Erika said... Best Blogger Tips

You've got this. Next week thing one is definitely yours!

Jenna said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha- that is adorable! I have favorite cups/glasses/mugs at my house & when others use them, I get irrationally upset. What is it about special cups??

Good luck winning back Thing 1!