Friday, April 22, 2011

a good cause and high school poetry

There are so many amazing organizations in the world.
I am constantly so impressed with people's genuine desire to do good. 
And yet there is still so much sadness, corruption, and heartache in the world.  
Do you ever hear of an organization that immediately tugs at your heart strings?

Well, there is one organization that I feel really strongly that I need to share with you all today.
Perhaps you've heard of it. It's called Invisible Children. 
They are doing something called the 25 Campaign.  
They are trying to collect $25 dollars from as many people as possible. 
And when you read about all the good they can do and that NEEDS to be done, $25 suddenly doesn't seem like that much money anymore. 

Here is the trailer to the documentary that was made some years ago.
But if you're really interested, you can find more information on their website, here.

And for your enjoyment, some poetry I wrote back in high school (that maybe relates to changing the world. Maybe)....

                Words can have such power.
                Or hardly any effect.
We stress over the right ones. 
And think little of the vulgar ones. 
And isn’t it a little funny
                The way we spurt off obscenities
                                As if we are young children,
                                                Merely reciting the alphabet.
                And the way we talk ourselves
                                Out of saying how we really feel.
With each sunrise,
                Someone wakes and dreams of changing the world.
So why is it that we allow our dreams to become so inanimate?
                Instead of taking action we grumble about another day.
We are only humans though.
And humans are merely another species,
                With greater technology. 
So where does the greatness come from? 
Words unearth it.  Bringing dreams into reality. 
For perhaps we cannot change the world. 
But our words can change the world. 
Why don’t we use them more then? 
                I’m not speaking of the vulgar, meaningless ones,
                For they mean nothing
Where are the powerful words?  The ones that can make a difference?
They are not heard because they are not said—
                No, no, they are not said near enough.
So speak up, speak up with power.  
Words are all we have.


Jenna said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the Invisible Children campaign- I agree with everything you have said about it. It really is one of those organizations that pulls at your heartstrings.

And great poem, Candace! I am always impressed with anyone who can write poetry (because I can definitely not do it myself!).