Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

Happy Easter everyone!
I had an egg-dying extravaganza yesterday.
I'll be sure and put up some lovely pictures of that tomorrow. 
For now, enjoy some easter deliciousness. 
Did I mention that my favorite part of every holiday dinner is dessert? 
What's not to love?

And see those beautiful (not yet decorated) eggs down there at the bottom?
It was the first time I ever made hard boiled eggs.
I would say it was quite the success. Too bad my husband hates them.


Kate Weber said... Best Blogger Tips

Those cookies made my stomach growl! They look so tasty! I'm jealous that you are dying eggs! I don't get to this year! Have extra fun for me!

Simply Kate

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

It was my first time hard-boiling eggs, too! Go us! Love the jar of sprinkles, how fun :)

Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely agree with you- the best part of a holiday dinner is dessert! And your cookies look delish, I love the sprinkles! :)