Monday, May 9, 2011

bbq and a pj party

Saturday night we had a get-together with a group of our lovely friends.  
We were going to have an afternoon bbq on the beach, but it's been raining ALL week (more on that later though).  So, instead, we set up little mini grills outside one couple's apartment and grilled away. I had a delicious teriyaki, mahi mahi burger with grilled pineapple.  Beau had a homemade creation of monterrey jack cheese, spinach, and various spices all mixed into a beef patty.  

After eating and hanging out for awhile, the boys all decided to go to the movies.
So, what did the wives all do? Have a mock-slumber party of course!
We all ran home, changed into jammies, brought back pillows and blankets, and blew up air mattresses. 
We chatted and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  The movie was way cute actually. 
Overall, a fabulous weekend!


Christal said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha, I am still laughing about our slumber party. We had such a fun night!

Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun night! The bbq sounds tasty and the pj party is just too cute! Glad you had a good time! :)

angie on maui said... Best Blogger Tips

I miss the days of my youth when things like slumber parties were all I had to worry about! I love that you and your friends jumped at the chance for some girl time!

Aren't you SO over all this rain? Today is the first day that I actually awoke to the sun shining in our bedroom!

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh what a fun weekend!! I could go for a fun sleepover right about now :)

Brooke said... Best Blogger Tips

How fun! I love the last picture :)

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

How fun! Yay for girls nights! We liked that movie, too. (And random side note.. Natalie is my second cousin :D)

Kimberlee said... Best Blogger Tips

How to Train you Dragon is such a fun slumber party show. :) And p.s. I love the frame within frame decor above the couch.

Kristen said... Best Blogger Tips

That's so funny! My roommate, our boyfriends, and I had a cookout the other day too! We mixed cheese and bacon inside of ours! Your party sounds so fun! Love the mock-slumber party idea!

Amanda C. said... Best Blogger Tips

That is such a cute idea! Sounds like a lot of fun.