Wednesday, May 4, 2011

stormy stormy


Monday night we had the biggest thunderstorm I've been through in a long long time.  
I'm talking car alarms were being set off because the thunder was so powerful.   
And of course, it was all around 2:00am.  
Needless to say it was a pretty sleepless night for the two of us .
I was terrified our apartment was going to flood.  
Thankfully the storm must have subsided at some point, because we eventually fell back asleep.
Only to be woken up by our 5:30 and 6:00am alarms of course.

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day though.  I have never been more thankful for a school term only being six weeks.  Only a couple more weeks and I will be done!  I am counting down to May 25th you guys!!
Anyone have any exciting summer plans?   


Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I've had some crazy storms lately too!

I have 12 hours worth of summer school so thats no fun but I go to London for 10 days in 2 weeks!

Windy said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing picture! There is a video of a twin water spout off of Oahu Tuesday morning! I will have find it again and send you the link.

Kristen said... Best Blogger Tips

We had a pretty ridiculous storm last night too! All of the sudden it started pouring and lighting lit up the sky. It was crazy!

A 6 week term sounds amazing! Summer was all worked out but my work decided to not schedule me at all. But that's another story for another day! Haha I hope you have some fun summer plans!

Kimberlee said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't believe a thunderstorm was powerful enough to set off car alarms. That's crazy powerful. Glad there was no flood.

I'm working on summer schedules right this very minute. It makes me so excited for summer. It's going to be a fun one.

Amanda C. said... Best Blogger Tips

I hate it when it storms like that! We had some crazy bad storms a few weeks ago with Tornado warnings and all the same night all the damage happened in Alabama. We didn't have near the damage they did though. Glad there wasn't any flooding.