Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what to do in kauai: day two

  • Wake up early and drive up north to the Na Pali Coast.  Depending on how adventurous you are, you can do one of several different length hikes.  The hubby and I originally planned to hike four miles in to a waterfall, but unfortunately we underestimated the difficulty of the trail and overestimated our abilities.  The trail wasn't necessarily too strenuous, but it was very slick and pretty scary on some parts.  But the views can't be beat though.  We hiked two miles in to a beautiful, secret beach and after resting and enjoying a snack, we hiked the two miles back out.  

  • Eat lunch in Hanalei, the absolute cutest town ever. Beau and I found such a wonderful restaurant.  I got a delicious chicken pesto sandwich and Beau ate the world's largest burger.  According to my standards at least.

  • Stop at more scenic lookouts.  Cause boy oh boy is this island beautiful.
  • Swing by a local fruit stand and get some local produce.  Beau found his favorite fruit of all time, rambutan.  He is seriously obsessed with these fruits.  He was one happy man when we found some fresh ones for him.  

  • Eat ice cream at the BEST ice cream shop I've ever been to.  Seriously this place had the most delectable ice cream and sorbet I've ever eaten.  And the owner of the shop was super nice! Oh and he also swears there are drugs in the ice cream.  And perhaps its true, because it was oh so addicting.
  • And finally, end your day relaxing at your wonderful hotel.


Peg said... Best Blogger Tips

Be sure to have a puka dog! We loved those on kaui!