Friday, August 31, 2012

baby's nursery

Dear baby, your daddy and I are so glad that you're safe and healthy.  
I know you like being cuddled up inside me, but aren't you running out of room in there?  
I know your due date isn't for another two weeks, but we'd be happy for you to show up anytime now.
We've got your room all set up.
And let me tell you, people already LOVE you.  
You should see all the wonderful things you've been given.  
I guess for now I'll just show off your room to everyone else.
But just so you know, you have a comfy crib waiting for you.

And a wonderful glider to rock in with me. 
I made sure to put the basket with all the blankets right next to it, so you'll always be warm.
Wanna know a secret?  I was rocked in that very same glider when I was a baby.
My own momma used to hold me and rock me when I was just a tiny little thing. 
And she kept it all these years, so I could have it to rock you in one day. 
Of course we got new foam for it and re-upholstered it, so it's just like new now.

Your little dressers are already filled with clothes. 
Your daddy and I love us a good deal, and we got a great deal on these dressers!
We found them at a yard sale for $5 each.  
We added some new dresser pulls that we got at Ikea ($6 for all of them) and with a little paint, they look like new!  And they are the perfect baby-size dressers.  

You have 36 pairs of socks my little love.  Can you believe it?  36! Those toes of yours will never be cold.
And with all the hats we've collected, neither will those cute ears of yours.  
And speaking of cold, we've already hung up all your adorable little jackets and sweatshirts in the closet.

We've got your changing area all ready too.  We decided not to buy a changing table, but to just use the top of the dressers.  You have a comfy changing pad to lay in and I've got all the supplies (diapers, lotion, burb cloths, etc) right next to it.

We've been decorating your room with Hawaiian-themed and ocean artwork.
Your dad in particular wants you to love Hawaii as much as we do.
We brought back some prints from our favorite Hawaiian artist, Heather Brown, just so we could hang them in your room.
We also hung this cool mosiac sea horse artwork that I got from Costa Rica years ago.

And finally, we have a little bookshelf where we've already started your library.
I hope you end up loving to read.  Reading is seriously wonderful.

So what do you think my little love?  Doesn't your room look nice and inviting?  
I have to confess I go and sit in there pretty often.  
Your daddy is currently using it as his study room, but that'll change once you get here of course.
And not that you'll be using it for awhile, but I can't wait for you to see your high chair.
It was actually my grandpa's high chair when he was a little boy.  

You are one lucky little man my love.
I can't even tell you how much I love you already.
And I know everyone else is going to love you too.
I'm just worried I'm gonna have to fight to get time with you once you actually show up.
Because then everyone is gonna want their turn holding you.
*sigh* I have a feeling you're gonna be a bit of a momma's boy though. 
And that's quite alright with me.

Love you forever,