Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fall in nashville

So this past weekend, we decided to take a little family drive 
to see all the Fall colors on the trees.
It's been years since hubby or I have been in a real Fall.
Hawaii is wonderful for so many reasons
(who can complain about the lush green and tropical colors?),
but it's not known for its Fall season obviously.

So since this past weekend was supposed to be the "peak" of the color display,
hubby and I packed baby up in his carseat and off we went on our drive.  
Baby slept the whole 2-hours.
It was soo nice to be able to get out and just spend some nice time together.
We drove and drove and listened to some quality country music.
It is Nashville after all.


Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

What gorgeous photos Candace! And what a fun way to enjoy the season as a new family of three :)