Wednesday, November 28, 2012

letters to ollie: 2 months old

My dear Oliver, 

I can't believe you're already 2 months old.  
Has the time really gone by this fast? 
You're getting so SO big, so SO fast!

Now I know that babies grow fast in general, but I swear you're growing exceptionally fast.
At 5 weeks you weighed 13 lbs 6 oz.
Exactly one week later, at 6 weeks,  you weighed 14 lbs 11 oz. 
And now, at 9 weeks you're 17 lbs 12 oz.
Yep, you're in the 99.9 percentile.
You're getting to be quite the chunkster.

You got your first round of immunization at your 2-month check up.
You were such a champ about it.
Only screamed for about 30 seconds and then you were all smiles and coos.
The doctor couldn't believe how much you're babbling away already.

So what's happened this last month?
Well, you outgrew size 1 diapers at 5 weeks and size 2 diapers at 8 weeks.  You're now in size 3.
You started wearing 3-6 month size clothing at 4 weeks and 6 month size clothing at 6 weeks.

At 5 weeks you started smiling socially on a regular basis.
At 6 weeks you started exploring your vocals a bit more.
At 7 weeks you started laughing.  You have the cutest little laugh my dear.  You love laughing and babbling to us. Every night when your dad comes home, he sits down with you on his lap and you babble and babble away to him.
At 8 weeks you figured out you have a hand.  And even better you figured out that hand has a thumb.  A thumb that you seem to really enjoy sucking on.

You've seriously gotten to be really cute kid.
You crack me and your dad up.
You occasionally snore at night now, keeping me and your dad awake.
It's nothing we can be too annoyed with though because it's absolutely adorable sounding.

Your dad and I have decided that you've obtained some street-smarts as of late.
You know just how to manipulate and play us.  
If you wanna get picked up, you always find a way to make it happen.
If you want to sleep on our chest a certain way, you squirm and squirm until we figure it out.
If you want to eat, you start making your pterodactyl-sounding cries until you get your milk.
Lately you insist on everyone getting up when you get up in the morning.
If you wake up to eat before your dad wakes up, you're not fully satisfied until your dad is up too.
Even once you've been fed, you grunt and grunt as loud as you can until he wakes up.
And as soon as he gets up, you quiet down.
Smart kid you are.  Smart kid.

On Nov. 25 you got your baby blessing.
You looked absolutely adorable in your little white suit.
Both sets of your grandparents were there to see you as well.

Oh my dear baby, I love love LOVE watching you grow.
You learn something new each week and you're always so proud of yourself.
There are days that you absolutely exhaust me, but I am so incredibly in love with you.
I love being your mom.
Still not sure if you're ever gonna have siblings though.
You're quite the handful sometimes.
I might be content with just you.
But that's fine with me.

For now, I'm loving being able to soak in all the "firsts" that you're going through.
I can't wait to keep watching you grow and change.
 But for now, I'm content just snuggling you up in my arms on the couch.

Love you more than I can tell you,


Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

Those first two pictures killed me. I cannot believe how chubby and adorable he is!! I love this post and love the pictures of that little chunk! So glad you're enjoying motherhood :)

Ross said... Best Blogger Tips

Very very cute! I don't think I've had the chance to congratulate you on your new arrival.

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love his face in the close-up blessing picture! What a charmer!