Monday, November 19, 2012

christmas came early!

Not even one hour after little Ollie posted his Christmas wishlist, there was a knock on the door.
We went to go see who was there and much to our surprise, 
there was a lovely package waiting for us with Oliver's name on it.  

Ollie couldn't have been more excited to receive this sweet gift from his great-grandma Helen.

We've been playing with it everday.  
It makes music and Oliver loves trying to swat at the hanging toys.  
He also loves staring at the elephant toy and hanging hippo as he babbles away.
I swear he has conversations with them.


Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

Awh! How lucky for Oliver! I loved his christmas wish list, and that's some fast turn around for the first gift off of it! hehe. Hope you enjoy your first holidays as a family of three! :)

Tyson & Jayne Marostica said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah! This is Colbi's favorite thing ever! I don't know why everyone says activity mats are overrated, I dont think I would ever get a shower without it! Although it is quite a bummer that you can't put the lights and the rotating mobile on at the same time dont you think? ha

Oliver is getting so big! Such a handsome little guy!