Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a look back at 2012

2012 was a great year for us.  
In fact, exactly one year ago, this happened:

We became involved in this company.

I graduated with my Psychology degree.

We roamed around our lovely island.

And sadly, we said goodbye to our lovely island.

We ventured to New Orleans.

We made and ate delicious food.

We moved ourselves to Nashville and roamed around our new city.

Hubby started his first semester of grad school at Vandy.

We waited for our little bub's arrival.

And we waited a little longer.

And finally, he arrived and we were in love.

And a little bit sleep deprived. 

Actually, we were very sleep deprived.

We traveled to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.

And Virginia Beach for Christmas.

Where hubby went surfing in the freezing Atlantic.
Guess it was a good thing he traded his board in Hawaii for a wetsuit.

We watched our little bub grow bigger and bigger.

We're not too sure what 2013 will bring,
but we're excited for a new adventure.


Natalie J said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Candace! I feel bad I haven't been keeping up like I should. I wanted to say congratulations on having a baby!! He is beautiful! :)