Monday, January 14, 2013

christmas fun

This was the first Christmas we got to spend with our sweet baby.
We packed him up (and all of his many many necessities) and made the 15 hour drive to Virginia Beach,
where we spent the week with my family.
Hubby, Ollie, and I spent the holiday with my Mom, Step-dad, little Brother, Nanna, and Poppa.

Now I have to preface this with an explanation.
Christmas with my family is a bit...well, it's a bit extravagant.
Actually every holiday is.
My family believes in making big deals about holidays and birthdays.
I thought every family was like this...
My hubby tells me differently though.

Well, with that said, here was Christmas morning.

After all congregating in the living room we started by opening stockings.
Since Ollie was the youngest, he got to go first.
And boy did he get some good stuff.

And from there, we went around opening our stockings in subsequent order by age.
(We're a family that believes in order.)
Kind of.

After stockings were finished, 
the dispersion of gifts began. 
And in my family, if you want to be in charge of gift dispersion, you must wear a Santa hat.
Seriously.  It's a requirement.  It's a rule we enforce every year.
Yeah...maybe I can see how my family is a little crazy...

And then with everything divided...the fun began.  

We really did have a nice Christmas though.
Oliver got lots of cuddle time.

He especially loved cuddling with Poppa. 
They took some good naps together. 

We played lots of Kinect sports.
Nanna was oddly good at hitting the bulls-eye in darts.

And we made lots of funny faces.

Oh how we love Christmastime.


Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm spending next christmas with your family! and apparently every other holiday too!

Windy said... Best Blogger Tips

Your family is crazy! Crazy about you, Beau, Oliver, James, Pete, Nanna, Poppa and me!! I love my family so much and so glad to have each of you in my life.