Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catch up on our lives

So since I've been so bad at blogging lately, I figure I'll make a catch-up post. Here has been mine and Beau's lives lately...

Last night we enjoyed delicious Food Fest

We ate Taiwanese food

And Samoan food

And cinnamon buns

An overall great night :)

The last few weekends we have spent relaxing...

We spent time at the beach

We played in the waves

And poor Beau got stung on his ear by a blue bubble (portuguese man of war). There small jellyfish-like creatures at the beach that have crazy powerful stings. Unfortunately he got stung all over his wrists and on his side and his ear, but after a couple hours of pain and a nice shower, he managed to survive. Always a trooper he is. :)

So I guess that's all Beau and I have really been up to lately. Nothing too much. School is always keeping us busy, but we always find time for each other. We live in such a beautiful place and have such a great life. We really shouldn't complain so much. Soo, this week, I'm going to write each day something I am grateful for.