Monday, October 18, 2010

What I'm Grateful for...Day 1

1) Wonderful family members who send my husband and I packages :) Thanks Stacey, Scott, Nanna, and Poppa!

My husband looks like a true southern boy with his new hat :)

We LOVE getting food surprises. Beau has already warned me I'm going to have to hid the yogurt covered raisins from him. :)

2) The internet! (After having to go door to door to distribute some survey for my class, I've NEVER been more grateful for online surveys.

3) Beautiful weather. Sometimes I complain about how the seasons never change in Hawaii, buuuut, come on, it IS Hawaii. And it is beautiful here all the time.

4) Comfy chairs. After running around from meetings and assignments all day, it is nice to sit and relax in such a big comfy chair.

5) My incredible husband. He finds ways to make me love him more and more each day. Even the days when he might not think this is true. :) Thanks hun, love you.